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B+ Manga Reader is an essential app for anyone who loves manga.

Here you have an incredible collection of Japanese comics that are both convenient and free to read. B+ Manga Reader lets you manage all the manga you read, so you never miss a single issue of your favorite series. The the filters feature, you can quickly see the latest volumes added, the most downloaded, and the highest rated, as well as complete customized searches. You can filter by title, author, release year, language, rating, mature content, user opinions, or if the series has or has not finished yet.

B+ Manga Reader also lets you add all the issues that you're interested in to your reading lists, so you have them ready and waiting at all times, and even receive notifications every time something new comes out. Download them to read them wherever you want without an Internet connection and choose your preferred language. You can even use other users' opinions to help you discover new material and decide whether to start reading a series or not thanks to the ever-present synopses offered by B+ Manga Reader.
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